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One Lovely Blog Award


It’ll take me forever to know myself. And to share it with the world, a little more than forever but since the number is 7, I am here with 7 FACTS ABOUT MYSELF…A little before than forever.

So here’s it. I was nominated by vintage smiles, an awesome person, for One Lovely Blog Award. I thank vintage smiles from the bottom and the core of my heart and head.

The rules:

Thank the person who nominated you.
Add A Picture To Your Post.
Share 7 Facts About Yourself.
Nominate others to do the award (Up To 15).
Include The Set Of Rules.
Inform Your Nominees.

So now, put aside all your prejudices and qualms because I’m a little too fabulous to be called crazy !


I turn philosophical at midnight. I don’t know if that’s human nature but then other people too behave differently at night.


I love talking to different kinds of people, which is one reason why my blog is random. It’s fun to have a little surprise every time.


I love sarcasm. That’s it.


I have more imaginary friends than the number of things scattered on my messy table. Nope, I am not schizophrenic.


I hate school. My mom says that I cry like a girl of first standard for going to school.


Someday I’m going to travel the world. Period. This burning desire has become stronger since I started following travel blogs.


And last, but the most important,

Because of the typical ” I am thankful to all those who’ve taken time to read my work!!! ”

Here are those lovely people that I have chosen for the One Lovely Blog Award. 😀

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with love, gina


Being yourself can screw you up!

People think I’m calm and sharp, courteous and polite. None of which is true.
If being rude was considered ‘cool’, I’d probably be the coolest.

The day I behave like ‘myself’ would be the day I’d have screwed up all the people around me.

Here’s a peep into my life if I had been “being myself’.

Friend : Hey what’s up! How are you? How was your day?
What I wanna say : What’s up? Look for yourself, man! Why are you showering me with such freaking questions on a cold night? And by the way, what the hell are you gonna do with that? Have you got nothing better to say?

What I actually say– Nothing much. I am fine. I had a good day. 🙂

I am rude. Straight to the point.
I have no interest in answering such questions.
I don’t wanna answer. Yeah, I am rude! Does this mean being yourself?

Basketball friend: We lost the match today and I know you were upset about it. Are you okay now?
What I actually wanna say: I want good things to happen to me and bad things happening to other people. Yes, I am a sadist. I am selfish. I am a narcissist. But guess what, this is gonna make me better than the others.
What I say : Yep I’m cool.

Isn’t that sensible? Think about it. Wouldn’t I be being myself? Who doesn’t play to win? Who doesn’t feel defeated?

Gossip queen: You know what, the cutest guy of our class proposed the ugliest girl of our class… You know what I mean right?

What I actually wanna say : I do not like it when my secret crush proposes another girl…even if I don’t give him the slightest hint of liking him. (Even if I don’t ACTUALLY wanna be with him.) I can blame that guy for all the troubles of the world and he won’t even know why!!!!!!

What I say: Yep I know. Who cares anyway!

That needs no justification!

Distant aunt: I am worried about my son’s board examinations. I really hope he does well.

What I actually wanna say: I want to keep blabbering about my extra exaggerated and unimaginatively excessively inspiring story of achieving that perfect 10 CGPA in class 10 and how in spite of hatred for science subjects, I am aiming to score 98% in Class 12.

What I say: Don’t worry, aunty. He’s a sincere boy. He’ll do well.

I am being myself and I love my praises.

Teacher: KEEP QUITE everyone!
What I actually wanna say– Abhi toh party shuru hui hai…(The party has just started ! ) *breaks into dance*
What I say: *shuts up*

My Bollywood outburst should be accepted, no?

Every stranger: Happy new year!
What I wanna say: The date has changed. Fate hasn’t! You think your wishes can change my fate?
What I say: Wish you the same.

My childhood – By an ex-kid.


Dreams of chocolate land,
Airplanes with our names.
Alps trapped in drawing books,
Paper boats brightened in ponds.

Toys were acquired by crying,
Shooting stars fulfilled wishes.
Dolls were an obsession,
And throwing them an addiction.

Ambition was huge,
To become a huge elephant.
Special-shaped-stone a possession,
And money was just a paper.

Charms of the childhood
Challenges of the change.
But I never wish to go back
To that insanity again.

Being a kid was fun,
Being an ex-kid is astounding.
Loads of memories behind
And so much to look forward to!

What Subway Surfers taught me


For your enemy to show up, all you need to do, is bump into a problem.

It doesn’t matter if you’re ugly. You hardly ever see your face.

Returning back is never an option. Regret is better forgotten.
Most of the time,
You just have to move on.

To stay fit and active, keep running!

You cannot squeeze in between the roads. Rules are not always meant to be broken.

No matter what outfit you put on,  naked, simple or fancy, you remain ‘you’. There’s no shop for buying a personality.

You complete a mission when didn’t even know what the mission was… Well, congratulations!

You haven’t travelled enough! There’s so much more to unfold. Keep checking for the updates… 

The daily challenges – there are easy ways to make money…
And persistence pays..

Good things don’t last too long. Power ups.

Super sneakers – some things are hard to use, however when used intelligently, it can be quite useful. Obviously with the risk of screwing you up!

You won’t get magnets when you need them the most… Well-wishers are nowhere to be seen when you need them the most.

Jetpack – your companion for flights…Literally flying colors !

Life is so weird, sometimes you just have the keys, the solutions, no locks, no questions.

No matter how much you earn, its always never enough.

You cannot imagine death until it touches your nose…

P.S.- Yep, it ends with a negative note.
But that isn’t my fault. Games only end when they are over. I need to maintain the ethics while writing about it too…
But then, there’s always a next time. Isn’t it?